What Makes Us Different is What Makes Us Better

As a non-profit, private organization, the treatment programs we have developed derive from our own clinical experience with thousands of addicted individuals and families, rather than from a pre-packaged program or insurance company mandate. This enables us to be more creative and purposeful in terms of individualized treatment design and allows us the freedom to work more effectively with a wide range of drug and alcohol related problems. Discovery Institute is located in a peaceful rural setting in Marlboro of Monmouth County- New Jersey. Discovery Institute for Addictive Disorders is a state licensed, CARF accredited residential health care facility. It is not a hospital or institution.

Discovery Institute, formally known as “Discovery House”, has more than 40 years of experience in working with the addicted population. Our doors are open to anyone 18 years of age or older, regardless of race, creed, color, or sex. The treatment population we have been involved with over the past three decades has been, and will continue to be, extraordinarily diverse. It ranges from the socio-economically disadvantaged individuals to a growing number of upper middle-class persons—professionals and housewives—who have all experienced the problems associated with drug abuse and alcoholism.

It is believed that drug and alcohol abuse results in a variety of symptoms:

  • Trouble with the police or courts
  • Conflict with a spouse
  • Problems with family members
  • Declining job performance

At Discovery, we take pride in our ability to assess the individual needs of the client and provide the needed treatment in a healthy, drug-free environment.  We also educate and counsel family members and significant others whose relationships are affected by the client’s addiction.

For over 25 years, Discovery Institute has offered specialized contracted programming for the Administrative Office of the United States Courts in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Since the origin of the NJ Drug Court Initiative, Discovery Institute has continued to be an approved network provider with Drug Court within New Jersey. Please click here for more details about the Drug Court Initiative in New Jersey. Through these contracts, Discovery Institute is continuously monitored by the State and Federal contractors in areas of finance, program development, client rights, and treatment delivery.

Throughout this time, Discovery Institute has consistently achieved post-monitoring evaluations which were rated by Federal and State agencies as excellent. The reviewers noted that the Institute had “consistently demonstrated both good outcome rates and cost-effectiveness”.

We have a variety of programs specially designed to treat all individuals and their disease of addiction.

Detoxification Program+-

The most important factor in the early stage of recovery is the quality and commitment of the medical and counseling staff.  Discovery believes that each client is unique and must be treated with dignity, respect, keeping their individual needs in mind…(read more)

Halfway House for Adult Males+-

This will assist those who are in need of a safe and sober environment and help with the transition from our Residential program. Here they can develop an independent lifestyle. We provide the services of a psychiatrist and psychologist to help with any mental health issues…(read more)

Halfway House Referral Service+-

For clients completing primary care at Discovery Institute, transitional housing services are recommended for those clients in need of job development, continuous counseling, and a positive recovery environment that provides structure to gradually obtain employment and maintain sobriety…(read more)

Long-Term Residential+-

The LTC Program is specifically designed for the chemical abuser who has been assessed as requiring a more “long-term” treatment approach due to history of addiction, family support systems, and previous treatment episodes. Length of stay is determined by the patient’s needs and pace of recovery…(read more)

Short-Term Residential+-

The Short-Term Residential treatment, also known as ACT (Accelerated Chemical Treatment Program), is our innovative 30- to 90-day program that is designed for individuals who require more intensive, yet brief interventions, rather than outpatient treatment…(read more)

Outpatient Services+-

Discovery Institute has a comprehensive Outpatient Program to include intensive outpatient services, traditional outpatient, and partial hospitalization (Daystay). These programs are tailored to the individual’s needs and range from 1 to 5 days per week…(read more)

Mental Health & Specialty Services+-

Other services provided within our residential and outpatient programs include psychiatric and mental health counseling for management of co-occurring disorders like Mild Depressive Disorder or Anxiety Disorder…(read more)